FABRICOM OFFSHORE SERVICES, Teesside   July 12 – Present

EnQuest Thistle Alpha - Late Life Extension Project (UK Offshore)

  1. Scope Development and Detail Design Phase for Seawater Lift System, Water Injection and Air Systems.

  2. Delivery of Hydraulic and Relief Studies, P&ID development and Equipment Specifications

  3. HAZOP Study and action closeout.

K HOME INTERNATIONAL, Teesside Mar 11 – July 12

Breagh Gas Field Development Project, TGPP (Teesside)

  1. Detailed Design Package for 225 MMSCFD Natural Gas Processing Facility.

  2. Responsible for equipment sizing, specification and verification of Main Plant Items including High Pressure Gas, Condensate, Glycol Regeneration and Flare Systems.

  3. Produced or Checked Project Deliverables, HYSYS Models and EDR Shell and Tube Exchanger Sizing.

  4. Responsible for identifying process design solutions for Natural Gas Letdown and Export, Road Tanker Loading Facilities, Waste Water Export, Heat Integration, Hot Oil Fired Heaters and Process MEG Systems.


        Confidential Client Projects (China and India)

            •Production of FEED Packages for 3 licensed PTA Plants

            •Responsible for equipment sizing and Specification of Solvent Recovery Section

            •Produced Project Deliverables, Hydraulic and Relief Studies, HTRI Shell and Tube Exchanger Sizing and Specifications.


Khuzestan Refinery Project (EIED - Iran)

Production of Process Feed Package for Crude and Vacuum Distillation Units, Heavy Metals Recovery Process and Flue Gas Treatment system.

Recovery of Vanadium and Nickel from High Vanadium Flexicoke (PDVSA - Venezuela)

Production of Process Feed Package for Heavy Metals Recovery Plant.

Developed PFD’s, P&ID’s and Equipment Datasheets for main process plant and utilities area.

DAVY PROCESS TECHNOLOGY, Teesside Jan 08- Jan 09

Andhra Expansion Project (India) & Huachen BDO Project (China)

Production of Systems Feed Packages for Oxo and BDO Plants

Produced systems deliverables, Hydraulic and Relief Studies, P&ID development, Equipment Specification, Hazardous Area Classifications.

AMEC INDUSTRIAL, Darlington Jun 06- Jan 08

KOC Project (Kuwait Oil Company )

Production of Process Feed Packages for Two Gas Compressor Stations with 750MMSCFD Capacity. Design Work Covering Grassroots and Upgrading of Existing Facilities.

Produced/Checked Process Deliverables, Flarenet Studies, PFD/P&ID development, Equipment Datasheets, Hysys Modelling.


DAVY PROCESS TECHNOLOGY, Teesside Jan 06- Jun 06

Sasol-Yihai NDA Project (China)

Production of Systems Feed Package for grassroots Natural Detergent Alcohols Plant

Produced systems deliverables, Hydraulic and Relief Studies, P&ID development, Equipment Specification, Hazardous Area Classifications.

K HOME INTERNATIONAL, Teesside Oct 05 – Jan 06

Various chemical and petrochemical projects, including:

Feed Package for grassroots ETFE plant

Equipment and Instrumentation specification



JGC CORPORATION, Yokohama, Japan Secondment July 04 – April 05

Process Engineer (Staff)

Arak Refinery FEED Project (Iran)

8 months working as a Process Engineer based at JGC World Operations Centre, Yokohama

FEED phase of a major Refinery Expansion project to increase crude processing capacity by 100,000 barrels/day

Responsible for process simulations and producing modification report for existing Crude and Vacuum Distillation systems

M W KELLOGG LTD, Middlesex Dec 00 – Oct 05

Process / Senior Process Engineer (Staff)

Brindisi LNG Terminal Project (Italy)

Process Study and FEED phase of a 6 Million tonnes/annum LNG Receiving Terminal

Produced equipment studies for the BOG Compressors and Recondenser System.

Responsible for conducting all Process Simulations, as well as originating Equipment Loadsheets and Hydraulics.

Scanraff Refinery FCC Performance Verification and Study (Sweden)

Conducted a performance verification of the FCC, associated Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) and LPG Fractionation columns.

Spent 6 weeks at site collating plant operating data from test-runs.

Developed process simulation models and carried out equipment rating of the VRU to identify process limitations and propose equipment modifications.

Statoil KEP 2005 Project (Norway)

Study, Feed and Detailed Engineering and EPC phases for revamp of an existing gas processing facility to increase capacity by 13.5MSm3/d. 

Involved in the process design for new and revamped NGL Extraction, Fractionation, Sales Gas Compression and Refrigeration using detailed simulation models.

Production of the process deliverables including PFDs, P&IDs, Hydraulics, Relief Valves and Process Datasheets.

Repsol FCC Unit Feasibility Study, (Spain)

Feasibility Study to investigate modifications to the Fluid Cat Cracking Unit, associated Main Fractionator and Wet Gas Compressor systems

Identified step changes to the process scheme to process a lighter feed, develop total installed cost estimates and a preliminary economic analysis.

Responsible for process simulation and equipment rating of the Main Fractionator, Wet Gas Compressor and Feed Preheat systems. Also responsible for producing PFDs, heat and mass balances and other process deliverables.

Statoil Naphtha Hydrotreater, (Norway)

Design basis for a new hydrodesulphurisation unit and modifications to produce gasoline, which complies with EU Year 2005 fuel quality specifications.

Produced numerous process deliverables, including P&ID development and process datasheets in order to help achieve the very aggressive project schedule.

BP OIL RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING, Sunbury-upon-Thames July 97 – Aug 98


Performed computer simulations and troubleshooting on industrial hydroprocessing operations

Aided refinery support issues within the hydroprocessing team

Completed 14 month experimental evaluation of hydroprocessing catalysts

Responsible for operation and development of pilot plants

Reported findings as a series of written reports